Sunday, May 9, 2010

another band review

Another long day yesterday in Vallejo from 6am to 6pm chaperoning a band review. It was really fun, but I came home unable to walk. I am really out of shape! I am really going to start exercising and went for a walk today with my son and dogs and plan to keep it up from now on.
Here is my son in his hair net. They are not allowed to have any hair touching their collars or they lose points in marching band. This was the first time I've seen him wearing one of these things and I laughed so hard. He asked if he could get a haircut!
They must have worked because his band got 1st place! They were so excited. The colorguard got sweepstakes and you should have heard them cheer!
Every parent should have to chaperone one of these events. I have a new appreciation for the parents who do this every weekend and the kids who stick with band for 6 years.

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