Monday, May 17, 2010

I quilted something!

My friend at work is having a baby shower (actually I'm helping host it) on Friday and of course everyone is expecting me to bring her a quilt. So, I couldn't let them down. On Saturday, I cut out the fabric and started sewing it together. Yesterday I got the top finished and pinned to the quilting frame and today I actually quilted the thing. Wow, it has been so long. Between my health issues this year and the stress of work and kids, I haven't had time or energy to do any sewing or quilting for a very long time.

Boy, did it feel good. I'm so ready for summer vacation and ready to get back to quilting again. The machine need oiling and the thread broke about 10 times which tells me there is probably a burr in the throat plate again.

Now to bind it and have it ready for Friday's party.

Ahhhh, quilting bliss.

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For His Glory said...

I am looking forward to summer too sister!