Sunday, May 16, 2010

how do you spell tired?


Another band review yesterday and this time I was smart and dropped my son off at 6 and went home. Had breakfast, did some laundry and even cut out a quilt! I have a baby shower I'm helping to host on Friday and everyone is expecting me to have a quilt for the mama. I started sewing it and then had to take off for the review. I stayed for the marching band and symphonic band, but left before the awards and made it home in time to get some yard work done and to see my other kids before bedtime.

My son got home at 7:30pm. Long day, but he had a great time. He has rosy cheeks today from being in the sun all day and is very sore today. I walked at least 2 miles yesterday and am getting in shape whether I want to or not :)

His band took 1st place in marching band and symphonic band. Good job guys!

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