Sunday, April 25, 2010

Iris Farm

I have been wanting to go out to the Pleasants Valley Iris Farm for a couple weeks now. They are usually a couple weeks behind in their bloom times from my iris and I figured this would be a perfect weekend to get out there.
It is in the 80's today and there is a little breeze.

I tried pulling weeds outside, but it is just too hot, so it was the perfect excuse to get out and walk among the flowers.

I was especially attracted to the yellows.

I came home with this one, called Sunday Sunshine to add to my yellow collection.

This was more of an orange. I like these too.

The place sits on about 5 acres with thousands of blooms. I found out that they had a garden tour yesterday and most of the blooming potted plants were sold the day before. That's ok, I got two of the ones I liked, plus I ordered a mix of random rhizomes that will arrive in August.
It is on their website under Operation Smiles.

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