Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Break

Finally, a chance to rest, rejuvinate, relax.

Yesterday, I had a migraine and a stomach ache. Great way to start off the break. And it was raining. I guess it was a good day to be home and sick.

Today, I woke up feeling good and decided to start off the vacation doing some fun things. The kids and I tackled the chores early and we all headed out to a new found hiking spot along Putah Creek. We went there last weekend and had to throw rocks and sticks in the water. There is just something about throwing rocks in water that is good therapy. We went back today and it was freezing outside. We didn't stay as long, but getting out and running in the fresh air felt good.

We came home, had some lunch and I decided it was a good day to start tackling the jungle in the backyard. Last summer we all worked really hard to make the backyard a nice place to be. My husband and I worked for hours each day pulling weeds and putting in bark all around the edges of the lawn. We laid down miles of weed cloth and fixed it up really nice.

From the pictures here, you can see what 6 months of neglect will do. The places we worked on look great still. I have gone out a couple of times and hit the weeds that did manage to sneak through with some weed killer and the borders of the lawn look great still. But, you can't see them because the lawn is 4 feet tall.

I tried to get it with the electric weed whacker. The lawn just laughed and killed the whacker about 20 times before I gave up. I am now using the lawn mower, but the problem is, there are so many land mines in the tall grass that the mower keeps dying too. I am wearing safety goggles and going slowly, but I have hit tennis balls and the sprinkler and a digging fork and some bricks. Luckily I haven't killed the mower or myself yet. I am walking the area first, kicking and picking up things I find, but there are still some things that escape my hunt.

I am about 1/3 of the way done after a day's work on it. I'd say I've put in a good 2 hours so far. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday so I hope to be able to finish by the end of the week.

My friend bought a rototiller, but first I have to get all of these weeds out of here. I'd love to have a real lawn, not just a weed patch in the backyard. But, then I would have to take care of it year round. Maybe I should get a goat.

My flowers are pretty though :) The iris are just starting to bloom and the freesia smell good too. They are along the back of the yard, away from the weeks and make a nice view from the kitchen window when I decide to do some dishes.

I love this house!

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For His Glory said...

YAY! What a great way for the Spring Break~WORK...HA HA..