Friday, March 26, 2010

I can't get anything done

The doctor put me on the crazy pills and I just haven't felt like doing anything worth posting on the blog. I did manage to quilt one quilt last weekend, but then didn't feel like looking for the camera to take a picture. I have about 100 quilt tops waiting for the mood to strike again. I have yards and yards of beautiful fabric waiting for me to feel like cutting into it.

I did clean out a ton of stuff last week for a garage sale through my church. One of my friends has been in a wheelchair for at least 10 years since a jeep accident and keeps getting bedsores from sitting in the wheelchair. His wife was talking about how they were trying to save up to get a special air pillow that inflates and puts pressure on different parts of the body and is supposed to help with the sores, but it costs about $3,000. So the church decided to hold a garage sale to help raise money. What a great chance to clean out some things and help someone at the same time.

Went through a bunch of stuff in the garage and took a whole van, piled full of stuff over for the sale. I'm not sure how much they made, but you can't even tell where the stuff was in the garage. I think about another 50 vans full and I might be able to see the floor in there.

The weather is just beautiful here and I really should want to go outside and play, but I have been so tired lately that I would rather just sit and do nothing.

A weekend is just what the doctor ordered. I have lots of grading to catch up on and maybe a nap or two to take. We have 4 days of school next week and then are off for Easter vacation. Lots of students have been taking early vacation or having spring fever and missing school which makes it really hard to teach and keep things moving along. But, I do what I can and hope they catch something important on the days they are there. I just wish parents would place importance on education.