Wednesday, March 3, 2010

still no answers

Well, after the procedure yesterday, there are more questions than answers. The doctor only found a small hiatal hernia and a couple of pollyps that she biopsied. Nothing that would be causing the pain I am feeling. She said that many people get the hernia and that shouldn't be causing the pain. I'm not having heartburn. She didn't think the pollyps were anything to worry about.

So, her guess was irritible bowl syndrome. But, I don't have any of the symptoms of that either. She gave me medicine to calm a spastic intestines, but I can't take it during the day because it will make me sleepy and dizzy. I took it last night before going to bed and I don't know if it made be sleepy because I was alseep :)

I woke up this morning feeling fine, but then ate and the pain is back.

Oh, and my husband did end up taking me. It rained right before he had to leave for his tennis match and the other team cancelled the match. It was a good thing because they took down his information about 6 times and made sure he wasn't going anywhere. I wonder if someone has been left behind before at the hospital. We had a good laugh at another man who came out of the surgery room carrying a purse. I told my husband that he was going to have to carry my purse and I'm glad I brought my bright red one.

I asked if I could stay awake and the doctor said I could, but if I had a really bad gag reflex it wasn't a good idea. I did wake up about half way through the procedure so I got to see a little of what they were doing. I think she did that on purpose because I asked to watch or get a video or pictures or something. She said they didn't have a way of giving me pictures even. I asked if they didn't have a printer? She just laughed and said I would have pictures in my chart, but nothing I could take with me. Maybe I will print something out from the internet and take that to school to show the kids. Gotta have something to show for having 2 days off of school right?

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