Monday, March 1, 2010

Delivery Time

Yesterday I took 100 blankets to church to pass along to the ladies who take them to CPS. They were thrilled to get them and I was thrilled to get them out of the house! The problem was, I couldn't tell where they came from. 100 blankets out didn't even make a dent in the pile that was in my daughter's room.

So, last night we decided to count and see how many blankets were left. We bagged up all of the blankets and got a grand total of 300 blankets that were donated due to the Disney Give a Day promotion. Wow, what a response!

My son helped me load another 50 blankets and some small, preemie size blankets and hats and booties into the car so I could deliver those to the hospital today. I have a doctor's appointment again today (different hospital, but have the day off since the appointment is at 10:30) and decided today was the perfect time to get some more blankets out of the house.

It is a good thing because as we were bagging the blankets, the room started to smell funny. When we finally got to the floor, it was soaking wet. When we first bought this house, that room had mushrooms growing out of the wall. We just had a bad rainstorm a couple days ago and the rain gutter overflowed and goes right into the wall and comes out into that bedroom and into the garage. My husband went out and unclogged it and it stopped the leaking, but I forgot about it leaking into that bedroom. Today I'm working on cleaning the carpet and the wall and getting the smell out of the room. Good thing I had the day off!

So, I'm down to 150 blankets in the room now. I'm hoping to get another 100 out next weekend. I'm starting a new habit of packing them into white garbage bags in groups of 5. Much easier to count that way! And they will all be safe in case the floor gets wet again. Only one blanket was at the bottom of a paper bag and needs to be washed because it was damp. Nothing got damaged luckily.

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