Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More iris pictures

Since I haven't been quilting, I have to show off something pretty. I just love iris season. Every year I add a few more of these beauties to my collection. There isn't much room left, but I try to sqeeze in a couple more here and there. I just love their color and delicate blooms, yet they hold up through the strong winds and rains and smell so wonderful. I love strong smelling flowers!

I can't pick a favorite, but this yellow is up there, as is the almost black ones that haven't bloomed yet and the rusty colored ones are pretty too. I don't really like the salmon ones, but when they are all in bloom, they are pretty too.
I love the multi colored ones and the really tall white ones out front are especially pretty this year. They are protected by the house and haven't fallen over in the wind.
The snails are getting some of the iris out front this year.
I got a whole bunch of snails in about 5 minutes this morning when I went out to check on my tomato plants. So far, the snails only got one tomato plant. The dog, however stepped on a tomato plant and squashed it. We had a talk, the dog and I, and she agreed that she would not step on any more tomato plants. I think I need to just put her on the side yard so she keeps up her end of the deal. I just wish she would eat the snails instead.
I need a duck. When I was a kid, my dad brought home baby ducks one year for Easter. They ate all of the snails in the backyard. They ate a lot of the plants too. So, my friends and I had to go snail collecting in the whole neighborhood and brought home a whole new batch of snails to repopulate the backyard. My mom wasn't too happy about that. I put them in a glass pickle jar, but somehow the jar tipped over and the top came off. I have no idea how that happened. I told them to stay in the jar, but they didn't listen. Sort of like my dog and the tomato plants.
I talk to animals, they just don't listen too well.
Oh, and I'm back to my old phone. I didn't like the features on the new phone as much as the ones on my old one. But don't worry. My new phone was 10 zillion times better than my husband's old phone so I gave it to him. He can now text me. I'm happy as can be! Of course, he will now text me from upstairs :) I guess it is better than him wasting minutes calling me from the house phone :)

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