Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break ends

The weather is miserable outside and the last day of vacation ends on a downer. I decided I can sit here and feel sorry for myself or I can post some pictures to remind me of the beauty around me and what I have to look forward to when the weather clears up and I can get back out and work in the garden again.

I have Binky Patrol today which will get me out of the house and give me a break from being a nurse to my recovering husband. He had hernia surgery on Thursday and is not a very good patient. He cannot see the progress he has made in recovering. Tomorrow I go back to work and the kids back to school so he will be home alone all day to fend for himself. I know he will be fine, but he is a little worried.

I know we will look back on this and laugh, but just not today.

So, I have been working in the garden this week, enjoying the mostly gorgeous weather and the ability to get outside and make things look better around here.

I had a load of dirt delivered for my raised vegetable garden that my husband and I put together last summer. We think that might be where the hernia came from, lifting and moving all of the bricks and stones and bark from the landscaping. At least the dirt isn't as heavy to move. And, I got a wheelbarrow which makes moving things so much easier! Who would have thunk it?

I had grand plans this vacation to get some quilting done, but alas, all I did was start a memory quilt for a friend whose daughter was hit and killed by a car when rollerblading. Making memory quilts is very difficult, not because the quilt is so hard, but because you are taking something that belonged to a loved one and turning it into something a mother can hold onto for a long time. It is emotionally draining to work on and I can only work on it for small amounts of time.

I also had grand plans of getting all of my grading caught up, but I haven't even touched one paper yet. I was going to work for 15 minutes each day and I knew that I could be done early in the week, but since I haven't started, I probably have a good 2-3 hours of work to do today. Here it is after 11:00am and I haven't started yet. I doubt I will get it all done and in the computer. Oh, well, that's what the work week is for right? I didn't give my students any homework so they can't expect me to do any work either right?

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