Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden day

Today was the day to get the garden put in. The dirt was delivered a couple weeks ago and the rain came and went and was due to come again this Tuesday.
The boys were a big help in loading it into the wheelbarrow and I wheeled it back to the raised bed.
Then, my daughter and younger son planted all of the 24 tomato plants. I still have a big pile of dirt out front. Good thing I didn't listen to the garden center lady and get the 6 yards of dirt and instead only got 3 yards. I could have only gotten 2 yards and been just fine. But I will have an extra yard of dirt to fill some 1/2 wine barrels and plant my zucchini plants
That is if the snails don't get them first.
I planted some tomato plants out in the back last week and they are half eaten already. I didn't think snails liked tomato plants, but I guess these guys are pretty hungry.
I learned my lesson last year and am not going to put out snail bait. My little dog got ahold of snail bait and $700 later, she was fine, but that was not a nice trip to the vet. I checked out the 'dog safe' snail bait, but I'm not sure how well it works. I think I will just have to go out often to pick the snails off the plants by hand.
We also planted some seeds of flowers and raddish, turnip and peas. Not sure if anything will grow as I have had these seeds for several years, but no loss if they don't. This is really nice dirt for digging and planting. Much nicer than the clay soil I've been used to gardening in for 20 years now. I think I'm going to be very spoiled!


carlam said...

Circle your plants with crushed egg shells. I have some to share. We save them from breakfast, crushing them as we go in a large mayonnaise jar. snails will not cross over the crushed eggs shells, too abrasive. this fact was proven to me last year when I didn't circle my plants. Chewed up very quickly. then circled them and there was no more damage to the plants. I can usually get away with just circling the raised bed with egg shells, but after the plants being chewed last year I figured I'd best get right in close. If I ever get out to the garden this year, I will be sure to circle the bed.

For His Glory said...

Hey what a great idea above!! Are you gonna try it!?? I love your graden bed! I pray you get a wonderful harvest!