Saturday, April 24, 2010

can you stand more pictures?

This is the most favorite time of year around my house.
The iris are in full bloom.
It is the middle of the season here.
I have had the early bloomers already and the late bloomers are just coming into bud.
The mid season bloomers are showing their best colors.
I would think about 2 more weeks of blooms still.

Yesterday at work was rough so I came home and spent some time unwinding in the garden. Just smelling the flowers was enough to take some of the stress of the day away. Felt really good.

I'm dreaming of how I'm going to move things around and where I need to position my favorite iris for better viewing from the kitchen window.
And then, when it got almost dark outside, my little guy and I had to release the ladybugs. One of my students needed a quick and easy science fair project. I had remembered a project that a student did the year before where she exposed ladybugs to UV lights from the goggles cabinet and they died. Her data showed that it was fairly quick, so I went out and got ladybugs and we tried it. Well, these bugs did not die. The girl last year had faked her data. That was very frustrating to me. (Part of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day) and so I brought the ladybugs home to release in the garden. I'm sure these ladybugs were happy the experiment didn't work.
My little guy was the only one who wanted to help me release them and I didn't tell him they bite. I got bit about 50 times as they said, thanks, and crawled onto their new home. I'm sure they will fly away soon, but for a day or so, they will eat the aphids on my roses
And we built a memory.
Sometime that is worth $8.12

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