Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wasted time and energy

The last two days at work have left me frustrated and angry and exhausted. Yesterday, my personal business was shared with everyone in the entire school district. You know, I felt just like a celebrity, having my 'business' all out there and everything. Don't worry, my husband didn't attack me with a golf club or anything that extreme, but it was still a personal item that didn't need to be shared with everyone and I was angry with the person who shared it through the district email. I wasted all of last night and some of today fussing over it. What was done, was done. Nothing could be taken back or changed. Wasted energy and time.

Today things just weren't going the right way either. More wasted time and energy. My shoulders are sore and cramping, like I just got beat up. I just get so frustrated and angry when things aren't right in the world and I know how to fix them, but nobody will listen to my ideas. Then, after everything falls apart and people come along and say, hey, you had a good idea, I start banging my head into the walls and say, I have been saying this all along! More wasted time, more frustrations.

So, no quilting. I have a quilt top ready to go, just no backing for it yet. I started cutting up some nice pieces, but that will take more time and efforts and thought and I just don't have that right now. Maybe tomorrow will be a less stressful day. I need to learn to just let these things that I have no control over go and relax, knowing that God is in control, not me. I'm a slow learner.

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For His Glory said...

Oh How frustrating! I'm so sorry this happened! prayerfully God will use this in some way only God can dear friend...Love you and praying this settles quickly and be sure to continue to be a testimony even when it's hard, God will handle what we can't :)