Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas

The children are all squirreled away in their rooms or playing games and it is so nice and peaceful around here. I got some sewing done today. Daughter #2 got a new office chair for her computer and I got her old one for my sewing room so it makes it much nicer to sew for longer periods of time. I have been working on cutting fabric to finish up the 60 or so kits that I plan to pass along to my friend who will sew them and give them back to me to quilt.

The sewing room is almost moved back to somewhat of an order and the quilting frame is back together. I'm hoping to put a quilt on it later and quilt something. I haven't quilted in a long time and I need to feel like I'm being productive on my vacation. I can't believe we have been out of school for a week now.

For my birthday, my husband got me an mp3 player. I didn't really want one, but he insisted that I should have it and now that I have loaded some church sermons on it, I can sit and sew and listen and I am really enjoying having it. I downloaded some sermons from my old church and am looking forward to listening to my old pastor.

We are having ham and turkey today because the kids couldn't decide on one. I figure if I cook both today, I won't have to cook for a while. I made a roast beef last night and so there will be plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week I think. That means more time for sewing :) Ain't I smart?

I hope today finds you all healthy and happy and full of joy.

Christmas blessings to all.

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