Saturday, December 26, 2009

Progress in the sewing room

I am bound and determined to get that room in order before school starts again next week. I am slowly making progress in there, cutting fabric, sorting, giving away two bags and one box of scraps that are too small for me. I know, some people like to use up every little piece, but when you have 5,000 yards of fabric, it is hard to stop and take the time to use the little tiny pieces. I gave the fabric to people who will love it and use it and make something out of it. They have the time, I have the little pieces, everyone was happy.

So, I sorted another box of scraps today and have a pile that still needs ironing and trimming. I also attached the metal shelving unit to the wall with some plumbers tape. It is a strip of metal with holes in it and I just found the studs and drilled screws into them through the metal strip and around the shelves. Not sure it will hold the whole thing together, but it will slow down the collapse in case of an earthquake. That's something we have to think about here in California. I would hate to be underneath the thing if it fell over on top of me.

But, the biggest improvement came today with the addition of the hanging clothes rack. It now holds my quilt tops waiting their turn to be quilted. I got it at Target for $20 and it says it will hold 100 lbs. It fits perfectly in the little space between the shelf and sewing table. Right now there are 25 quilt tops on it and I think that is about all it will hold. That's a good number to have in waiting, so I have something fun to pick from every time I'm ready to work on a quilt. For some people 25 quilt tops would give them the hives, but for me, it isn't very many at all. Some days I can do 3 or 4 (and some days in the summer up to 6) so I can blast through 25 quilt tops quickly. Now that I have a friend who will bind everything for me, I'm ready to go.

I got a quilt quilted today on my new machine set up and it felt good. I got some extra bed risers for the table to make it a little higher. One of the troubles with being 5'11" is that things aren't made for my height. It's ok, I've learned to adapt and make things work for me.

Well, off to do some sewing before I'm needed for the evening. Bellies are full, so I should be good for an hour or so :)

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June said...

I just found your blog. Interesting. I am also a home quilter. I bought a Bailey home quilter and a Grace frame. i think all machines give problems once in a while but my patent response is: it is not the machine, it is the operator. You know, different thread, or different tension. So many things. and the tension on your quilt wound on the pole!

I would like to suggest that you give some of those scraps to someone or several, who make scrap quilts. I make quilts for a group that offers transitional housing for people who are HIV Positive or have AIDS. They are often homeless so the quilt become a gift to take into their new home setting. Scraps have been a most welcome gift from other women, even the doll makers. Please don't ever throw them out.

I am 75 and going strong. I made 42 complete quilts in 2009. that was a record for me.

Continue with success.
June in Cincinnati