Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feeling Clever

Yesterday I decided I wanted to move my quilting machine so I could work from one side of the frame. I now work from both sides, loading it from one side and quilting from the other. I could have a lot more space in the room if I could only work from one side of the machine. So, I started looking online for handles for my machine. I figured I would get them for myself for my birthday. I found a couple of different styles and they were between $200 and $300 just for handles so you can work the machine with your hand, instead of your foot. Well, I have a really hard time spending that much money on a handle or anything else, so I thought about it for a little bit and this is what I came up with.

You see, about 20 years ago, the Velcro company sent me two ginormous boxes of Velcro when I taught 1st grade. These boxes could have fit 8 first graders in them. I gave away most of it to my fellow teachers and friends and random strangers. I have a very small amount left. This is industrial strength Velcro, that will hold forever. I put some on the machine and some on the foot peddle and now I can use the foot peddle with my hand. I just hold the handle with my left hand to move the machine and squish the peddle with my right to control the speed of the machine. Didn't cost a penny! I felt so clever coming up with this idea all by myself :)

Then, I got the grand idea to move the whole sewing room around. I am still in the process of moving the fabric back onto the shelves, but I have moved the table to where the fabric was and the fabric shelf against the wall. I made it 2 shelves higher, more room for more fabric. I found some great new storage bins for fat quarters and they are sort of organized, but at least put away better. It will take all of the rest of vacation to finally finish up this project, but I think it will be for the best. Hubby says this is the 21st time I have re-arranged this room and he is probably right. I hope this is the last time. Because I have much better things to be doing...like arguing with my teenage daughters. Oh, that is so much fun.

Sorry, mom if I was such a pain as a teenager. I take back every time I talked back to you. You were always right. If this is payback for all of the times I was a spaz, I'm so sorry. Really, I am. Please, make it stop :)


Glasgow Lindsay said...

Great Idea! Don't you love being able to do something for free when it should cost too much money!? Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting!

For His Glory said...

HA! Impressive Marilyn! You are in for a patent idea that could make you millions and then you could make that many more quilts!! I'd buy it :)