Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final quilts of 2009

Here are the last few quilts from yesterday and today. I had plans to get more quilted today, but the boys' room sucked me and and spit me out. Also, I had threaded the machine funny and had to unstitch a whole row of quilting and that took about 30 minutes. Why is it so much more fun and easier to stitch than unstitch a quilt?

I have one more quilt loaded on the frame and may or may not get to it tonight. Either way, it has been a good year for quilting and busting stash.

And I can finally see the floor in my boys' room. Built them a bookshelf and it is full already. No wonder they had so much stuff on the floor of their room, too much stuff and no place to put things. We will keep working tomorrow, but it is almost time for family game night and maybe a movie. Not sure how long I can play board games :)

I hope you will forgive me for being too lazy to rotate these pictures. The 'new' computer takes forever to rotate them and I'm just feeling lazy. I plan to move the 'old' computer back next week after my daughter leaves to do her internship and then things will be back to normal.
Until then, just tip your head. People will look at you funny, but tell them you are emptying your brains to make room for new information. See what they say.

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