Sunday, November 29, 2009

New goals

Today I took 62 quilts, blankets and afghans to church to give to Wendy, who is going to give them to the foster agency where she adopted her two little ones from this summer. That's a total of 74 so far. Then, another lady at church, who works for a foster kid support group

asked me if we could work to provide quilts and blankets for the 77 kids who are in the program by Christmas. Do I love a challenge or what? I have 15 quilts that I have done, minus the binding, from this vacation so far. I'm going to take the quilt tops I have here and pick out the ones I think a teenager would like and add borders to them to make them bigger before quilting them up since we will be needing some larger quilts too.

While it is sad that there is always a need for a handmade quilt, I am happy that I have the talents to be there to help meet the needs.

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For His Glory said...

I am so humbled by God in how He moves hearts and drives and motivates us! I love seeing your passion in quilting for the orphans and foster care, I am excited to see what God does out of all this Marilyn!