Monday, November 23, 2009

last thing on the list

So, I started off the vacation by making a to do chart with a list of about a dozen things to do every day and another dozen or so things to do only once over the vacation. Daily things include things like the dishes, laundry, quilting, sewing and cutting fabric. The once only things include cleaning the air conditioning vent and trying to fix the carpet shampooer. Today is the first day so far that I have accomplished everything on the daily list. Writing on my blog was the last thing on the list of things to do. I'm not a list type person, but it sure feels good to x things off the list. I have work things and fun things and I think there is a nice balance of both to keep me entertained.

And I am even giving away a big box of strange fabrics on Freecycle that were in the sewing room to a lady who is planning on making things for her kids like costumes and purses so it is a win/win. I get more room for more fabrics and she gets new things to play with.

Today I took a dozen quilts to Carla for binding and brought home about 50 finished quilts. I didn't realize I was bringing home quilts, I thought I was just dropping off quilts that needed work so was very surprised to be filling my van with so many finished quilts.

I've quilted 2 quilts today and feel like I have my groove back again and boy does it feel good.

My oldest is on her way to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend's family. Last year I cried when she didn't come home. This year, I'm happy for her. What a difference a year makes.

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For His Glory said...

I hope your week is blessed and Thanksgiving will be a beautiful reflection of our gratitude to God for a SaviouR!!