Sunday, November 22, 2009

My mom's quilts

Here are the latests quilts my mom sent me over a month ago. I have been so sick that I unpacked them and they sat on the ironing board until today. Today they went to church with me and went home with a sweet friend who is going to take them, along with some others that I had made and some that my friend Carla gave me to the local social workers to pass out to foster kids who are taken from their homes. These kids especially need the hug of a quilt as their lives are turned upside down in an instant. By no fault of their own, they are born into turmoil and strife and they live with stress and worry all the time. When they are taken away from their parents, they will be given a quilt of their very own to take from home to home, something that will be permanent in their temporary situations. Hopefully, they will carry these quilts to their forever homes when they get adopted by a loving family.

My goal this week is to get another dozen quilts finished up for next Sunday's delivery. I have a whole bunch of quilts sitting, waiting for bindings and those are going to Carla, who will give them to my binding buddy, Rhoda and then when they are done will be passed on to the foster kids.

Since the need has been met for now in Kazakhstan and postage is so much, it is nice to find a local destination for the quilts.

I also came home today with two huge bags of new fabrics that were donated for more quilts. I can't give the quilts away fast enough to work through the fabrics because the fabrics just keep coming in so quickly. It is invigorating to get some new fabrics to play with. It's too bad I've had the worst migraine in a long time today. After church I came home, had some lunch and took a really long nap. Nothing seems to help this time and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I wonder if migraines are just a message to slow down and rest. Yesterday was a busy day and I knew I needed to slow down, but would have probably kept up the pace all week if not for the migraine.

I guess if I had to choose a disorder, migraines aren't so bad. Most of the time, I can work through them. After all, it is just a headache. I'm not going to die from the pain :)

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For His Glory said...

What can I say! You've left me speechless! I can't wait to distribute these quilts Marilyn!