Saturday, November 21, 2009

They are driving me crazy

Ah, is it time to go back to school yet? Just kidding, but the kids are already driving me crazy with their arguing and fighting over everything. I guess I need to give each of them jobs to do all day so that when they are finished, they will enjoy their time off too.

Today was a great first day off. I quilted a quilt, cut some fabric into squares, sewed a whole bunch of fabrics together for backings for more quilts, went to the quilt store and picked up a pattern for some super cute Christmas stockings and got a lot of other things done that I had been wanting to do. Of course, I'm worn out, but it feels so good to have the energy back to be able to work again on things that I've been wanting to do.

I'm going to get my daughter working on quilts for the wounded soldiers and the Quilts of Valor this week so I have been cutting out lots of blues. Just 8 1/2 inch squares so the quilt tops should go together quickly. The more I work, the fluffier the fabric gets because I'm not seeing any of the stash going away. But I've decided that I need to get busy and get working on trying to get some of the stash reduced to make room for more :) It is always nice to get some new things to play with.

Off to make dinner.

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