Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wendy, don't look

My friend from church was overwhelmed when I brought her 12 quilts for the foster kids. I hope she isn't looking at the blog this week. I just picked up 66 quilts from my friend Carla a couple days ago. I'm not sure how many will be going to Wendy, but I'm thinking about half of them. Plus, I have more that are coming from my friend Betty and some more from my friend Ruth. I hope that Wendy has room in her house and van for all of the quilts and blankets that she will be taking to the kids at CPS (Child Protective Services) and that they are ready to be loaded up for the holidays.

The rest of the quilts are going to the local hospital for the A Baby is Coming program.

Plus, with me being on vacation, I've been working on some sewing and quilting of my own. I'm currently working on using up some flannel scraps and putting them together to make a scrappy top that I hope to finish up today. I'm also cutting out squares for a couple of quilt tops for the local wounded veterans. I live close to Travis Air Force Base and wounded soldiers come through here on their way home. My daughter is working on making quilts for them. I'm also cutting fabric for a quilt for my oldest daughter's tennis coach's wife. I asked what colors she liked last year and am finally getting around to working on a quilt for her. I tend to put gift quilts on the back burner for a long time. I have to think about them for a long time for some strange reason. I don't quite know why. I think they have to be perfect or something. I'm weird like that.

Here are just a few of the many, many quilts I picked up from Carla the other day. Hope you enjoy them. Some are from the last quilting day I went to way back in August and most are from ones she has been busily working on in her free time. She is a very busy woman. I keep telling her she needs to start her own blog, but she keeps resisting. One of these days...

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For His Glory said...

Sorry, I peeked :) My sister called and said you had a special bolg post...I'm once again overwhelmed and blessed to know God is using your talents and the talents of others to make and awareness of orphans!!!