Saturday, December 5, 2015

Guinea pigs

 I had some fun today making these little guinea pigs on my embroidery machine.  When my kids were little, we raised guinea pigs and showed them through 4H.  We had a lot because once you get 2, they turn into 50 before you know it.
 I put a squeaker inside this one and my dog, Spot, claimed it almost before I had it finished.  He sure loves his toys.
 Good thing these guys are quick and easy to make and don't cost much.  The squeakers cost $.10 each when you buy them 50 at a time.  Tomorrow a bunch of students and I will be working on pet beds and some bone toys with squeakers to donate to the animal shelter.
 This dog is just so much fun.  He loves to play with toys and fetch.  Of all of the dogs I've ever had, this is the first one who has liked to fetch.  I remember when I was little I tried to teach my dog to fetch.  I would throw the ball and then crawl over and pick it up in my mouth and crawl back.  She would sit there and just look at me.  I would do it over and over at least 1,000 times.  I wonder what she was thinking?
 I made the bigger one for my daughter's dog.  He loves his toys too.  Spot thought I should let him check it out first, just to make sure it worked.  He kept trying to sneak it when I was taking the picture.  Then, when I put it on the couch, he kept trying to slink closer and closer and finally reached out and grabbed it by the ear.  I guess it passed his inspection.
These little guys only take 30 minutes to make and I have a feeling I will be making many more in the future.  Like I said, 2 guinea pigs will very quickly turn into 50.

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Farm Quilter said...

How adorable!! What a wonderful thing you are doing - helping shelter dogs and teaching the kids a new skill and showing them how great it feels to give back to their community!! How are your migraine doing?