Sunday, December 13, 2015

New washer and dryer

 I've never been so excited to do the laundry!  My new washer and dryer are finally here!
 I got the biggest top load washer (Maytag) and it's energy efficient and water saving.  When the guy hooked it up, he forgot to hook up the drain.  He said I had to let one cycle run before I could use it, so he started it and then left.  My son and I were checking out the dryer and looking at how he had hooked up the vent.  There was a dog leg in the hose and so we moved it so the vent was straight.  I'm sure it will be easier for the lint to escape if the vent is straight, even though the dryer is further from the wall.
when we started to look at the washer, I noticed that the drain was just hanging down by the floor.  I guess the guy just forgot to hook it up.  That would have been a big mess!  The first load is washing now.  It has a see through top on both the washer and dryer and everyone was entertained for a few minutes while the wash started.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off quickly, but for now, I'm enjoying my new toy.


Charlene S said...

How easy we are entertained these days! I am glad you found the drain problem before it became a real big problem to clean up.

Sue Niven said...

Wonderful stuff! I can relate! We too recently had a new washer after many many years of going without!

Farm Quilter said...

Nothing like a now gadget to make housework fun!!! I remember arguing with my brother about who got to do the vacuuming when we got our first upright!! Bet that made my mom happy :) Too bad the shine wears off so soon!!! You'll have to do a review on it for those of use who are using machines from the 80s!