Monday, December 14, 2015

puppets and sweaters

 I'm making a set of Dr. Who finger puppets for my TA for Christmas.  He loves the show and I know he's going to love this set of puppets.  He wanted a an Easy Bake Oven, but this will just have to do.  Who says teenage boys are too old to play with toys?  He's a pretty funny kid!
 This is also my first attempt at a dog sweater for my daughter's dog for Christmas.  It's way too big.  The yarn is really soft and stretchy and lasted on my dog for about 2 minutes before he managed to wriggle out of it.  At least I learned a few things about knitting dog sweaters, so it isn't a total loss.
I'm hoping I can find someone with a dog a little bigger who is a little calmer who might be able to keep it on to give it to.  I also hope to get another one done and sent off before Christmas, but if not, her dog won't know what day it is.  Maybe I need smaller needles for the next one to make the stitching a little tighter.

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