Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Penguin obsessed

 I'm having way too much fun with my embroidery machine and making little stuffed toys for the dogs and my son.  I've been finding penguin patterns (seems they are a popular pattern) and making them when I get a few minutes.
 You can see just how much Spot loves his squeaky toy.  He get so excited when anyone will throw the toy for him.  My son was trying to see if Spot could pick out his toy.  He was pretty good at choosing the one with the squeaker in it.  Probably because it smelled like slobber.
 I made these two little cuties this morning.  I like them because they don't have the extra wings and feet attached and I was able to get both in one hooping.
 Of course Spot loved his toy.
Star was excited to get a chance to play with a toy too.  Usually Spot takes the toy and runs, but since there were two, Star actually got to chase a toy.  He usually runs away when he hears the squeak, but maybe from watching how much fun Spot has with the toys, he decided to take a chance and see what all the fuss was about.  He played with this one for a couple minutes and actually played fetch too!  Maybe Spot taught Star how to fetch.

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