Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End is Here!

The end of school before break that is!  Since my birthday is tomorrow, I'm so glad not to have to work that day.  Been watching the news as much of the world has already entered 12/21/12 and I guess we must be safe.  No countries have disappeared, no power outages and no giant comets crashing into the earth.

My husband said he heard on the news that NASA will be so happy when the day is over.  They are receiving hundreds of thousands of calls every day to find out if 'this is it'.

This week at our staff meeting, I was awarded the Teacher of the Month for November.  There is a church that uses our school on Sundays and they sponsored the award.  The principal chose the winners.  My friend who teaches Drama got the other award.  Along with the award was a check for $100.  I have a really hard time spending money on myself, but today went to the shoe store (Fleet Feet) and got a new pair of running shoes.

A few days ago, my husband and I tried jog-walking.  We walked for about 5 minutes and then ran 30 seconds.  We did that for about 3 miles and at the end my knees hurt so very badly.  From then on, I could barely walk because of the pain in my knees and ankle.  My friends who run told me it was probably my shoes.  They looked fine to me, but the lady at the shoe store said they wear out after about a year.  The foam sole loses its springy-ness.

$110 later, I have new shoes and am hoping it helps with the knee pain.  We went for a 3 mile walk again today and so far, the knees feel the best they have felt in 4 days.  I guess you do need the proper tool for the job.

We plan to walk 1,000 miles next year and run a couple of 5K's.  If you asked me 2 months ago if I would ever do that, I would have told you that you are crazy.  But, my migraines are better since cutting back on sweets and since I started walking.  Now if only the weight would come off so I could wear my jeans again... :)

My oldest came home today and just made it through Chicago before the snow storm shut down the airport. So glad to have her home.  We plan on doing some more thrift shopping and I will be looking for running clothes.  Right now I'm walking in jeans :)

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