Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for the New Year

Wow, this year went fast!  I keep saying that and yet every year, can't believe another year has gone again.  But before this year is completely over, let me put into writing my goals for 2013

1.  Quilt at least 250 quilt tops
2. Sew together at least 25 tops, start to finish
3. Practice using my sit down machine and walking foot to quilt.  At least 12 quilts done on the sit down machine.  (one per month)
4. 6 Quilts of Valor quilts (to be sent to Alycia in Colorado) and 6 Quilts of Valor to be given locally to the returning wounded at Travis Air Force Base.

1. Make snowflakes for family members for Christmas next year.  Don't wait until December to get started!
2. Compile a list of Free Embroidery designs
3. Make at least one quilt with embroidery blocks
4. Learn to digitize my own embroidery designs using a Design software program. (still haven't picked one yet, but that will happen in the next couple of days)

1. Walk 1,000 miles (average 2.7 miles a day)
2. Enter at least 1 5K

1. Use up more fabric than I bring in the house.  This is harder than it sounds when I get a call at least once a month to take someone's whole stash.  Yes, I have a lot of fabric, but with good friends and a few sew days, I think this will be possible.
2. Make more sewn baby hats.  Have way too much knit fabric that isn't doing anyone any good in buckets in the shed.
3. Keep organizing the fabric and cutting it into kits.  I have lots of people wanting to help out, but not always having kits on hand slows things down a lot.

Sounds like a lot?  I have a whole year to get it all done!  It will be fun to come back next year and see what I've accomplished.

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