Sunday, December 30, 2012

real babies and quilts

I just LOVE to see when a real person is using one of the quilts my group makes. It lights a fire under me to get busy making more!  Out of the hundreds of quilts my group makes every year, we may see one or two of them being used.  I know the rest are, but what a sweet treat to see a cute baby and a cute quilt together in the same picture.

These twins are part of a program called Safe Families.  Our church participates and one day, when my kids are gone, I hope to be able to help out as well.  The way Safe Families works is when a parent or parents are unable to care for their children for a short amount of time (like going through drug rehab, having surgery, finding housing or a short jail stay) the kids go into a Safe Families home instead of the foster system.  No government money is used to care for these little guys and our whole church helps out with food, clothing, diapers and whatever else a child might need for the time they are with the family.  Bonds are made and a support system is formed between the struggling family and the Safe Family.

Here's a link in case you are interested in bringing Safe Families to your church.


Ruth Ann said...

How precious! What a wonderful program.

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful picture! The program sounds awesome too.