Monday, December 3, 2012

Extra motivation

Over the Thanksgiving break my husband announced he had reached another weight loss goal.  He was so proud, until I said, "Hey, you weigh less than I do now!"

I started the new medication for my migraines and one of the many side effects is increased appetite and weight gain.  I asked my doctor about it a couple months ago and he said he thought that my body was just adjusting to the meds and to keep exercising.

Well, I have been walking and walking and my weight keeps going up.  So I cut out 99% of all sweets and my weight keeps going up.  I've gained 22 pounds since going on this medication over the summer.  I'd have to double check, but it is about a pound a week!  At this rate, I will gain more than 50 pounds in a year.

My husband keeps telling me that if I keep exercising and keep not eating sweets the weight will come off.  That's what he did and he has lost more than 22 pounds!  I asked him if from now on he could lose it somewhere that I couldn't find it please?

What do I do?  Stay on the medication and keep gaining weight but have fewer migraines (only 3 last week) or try something new, possibly lose the weight but possibly get the migraines back every day?

Overall, since gaining the weight, I now have the motivation to exercise, so in the long run, even if the weight doesn't come off, I will be healthier.  I guess that's what is most important.  I better start shopping for bigger pants!

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Bonnie said...

Boy, this sounds like a circular situation. Can you quilt with a migraine? If not I think I stick with medication but check with your doctor to see if there might be a different one that will have fewer side effects.