Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finally here

My new to me embroidery machine got here today after a very long trip from Indiana.  I guess with Christmas mail and winter storms, that was to be expected.

I wanted an embroidery machine so I could make labels for my quilts and make patches for my husband's high school tennis team.  We spend $10 a patch and after playing with my machine, I know I will be able to make them much cheaper.  So many things to learn about this new hobby.  This is the first successful snowflake I made today.  I will get a small embroidery hoop and turn it into a Christmas tree ornament.

It takes a long time to stitch out and the thread broke about a dozen times.  I think I need different thread.  I remember when I first got my quilting machine and it kept shredding the thread until I finally found some threads it liked.

I know this is going to be a fun and addictive new hobby.  And the best part will be that I can start up the machine and do some sewing or quilting and then check on it when it beeps at me.  It is mesmerizing to watch though!


Needled Mom said...

Oh fun!!!! Enjoy it.

Farm Quilter said...

I love mine - it was new-to-me too!!! Mine says that I shouldn't leave it while it's stitching - breaking thread, bobbin runs out - but I made a tube filled with rice that I can put on the foot pedal and let it run. Just like my longarm, it makes a different sound when the thread breaks or the bobbin runs out - just need to remember to listen for it!! Have a blast!