Tuesday, August 14, 2012

so lazy today

Today was a lazy day.  I checked the last MUST DO off my list and that was to have the pest guy come out and spray for wasps--so bad this time of year, and see if he could help me figure out where the mice are getting in the kitchen.  I've battled them ever since we moved in, but have reached the last straw.  The other day I was in the kitchen getting ready to cook dinner and my two little dogs started going crazy.  One of them grabbed something and ran into the sewing room with it.  The other was barking and carrying on.  I went in to see what they were up to and they had a mouse that was almost dead.  They were tossing it back and forth.  After disposing of the mice and praising the little dogs, I pulled out the stove to see the mice had chewed a hole in the wall behind the stove.  Ugh!

Yesterday when the guy came to install the new microwave and dishwasher, we found another couple of holes in the wall behind the dishwasher and there was so much mouse poop on the over the stove microwave.  So grossed out!

Well, the pest guy came out and all he did was put sticky traps out for the mice.  I could have done that :(  He did spray for the wasps, but now I have to deal with stuck mice if they decide to come back.  I just wish I spoke mouse so I could tell them they aren't wanted here and they should find some place else to live.  I've probably caught 100 mice since moving in 8 years ago.  I used to use the live catch trap and let them go about a mile away, but I think they just told their friends about me and now I have a reputation for being the mouse safe house.  NO more!  Be gone you pesty critters.  I'm tempted to get a cat, but then I'd have to feed it and clean up after it and it would probably be like my last cat who just got fat and looked at mice like they were her friends.

Tomorrow will be a more productive day.  Maybe.

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