Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making a list

 So for the last two days, I have made a list of quilting things I wanted to accomplish before the day was over.  It seems to be helping keep me on track.  When I get into the sewing room, I get so distracted by all of the projects I'm working on.  Yesterday I got everything done except pinning the 2nd Charger's quilt I'm making, so of course that went on today's list and got done first thing.  I'm almost done with today's list and BAM my migraine is back.  I've had a couple of good mornings.  My doctor gave me the injectible imitrex and I had the hardest time giving myself a shot.  I finally had to get my husband to do it for me.  It didn't hurt as much as I feared so I think the next time I could maybe do it myself???  So far, it isn't working and I think because I worked myself up so much being afraid of the shot and waited too long.  Ugh.
On a funny note, we got a new fridge a few weeks ago.  It has been a comedy of errors to say the least.  The repair guy has been back 5 times to fix the ice maker.  It makes ice, just wouldn't dump it.  The repair company working for Samsung has come to fix it without any parts.  They write things down and then go away.  Today finally the guy came and said he didn't have the part.  I told him I was pretty frustrated that they kept coming back to fix it, but didn't seem to know what they were doing.  He left and called me back about 15 minutes later saying he actually did have the part in his truck and would be right back.  As I was writing this blog post, I finally heard the ice maker dump the ice all by itself.  Maybe it is fixed?

Now, if only I could get my new dishwasher, stove and microwave delivered.  That has been another nightmare of phone calls and people not knowing what was going on.  One day I will look back and laugh at the comedy in the situation.  I wonder how these people stay in business!


Carol E. said...

I once worked at a community college in a refrigeration class. I was really appalled to see how many students didn't give a rip. Most of them didn't pay the least bit attention and barely learned anything. There were only 2 people in the whole class that I would have trusted to come fix my fridge. Makes you wonder about the world of workers out there, doesn't it?!

SewCalGal said...

Let your Samsung people know that I(many of us) love Samsung products and have been thinking about getting a Samsung Refrigerator. Seriously. But, with what you have experienced maybe I shouldn't.

do try your medicine as soon as you have a symptom. I know my migranes are not even 1% of what you have to deal with, but I have found if I work on taking action when the initial signs hit I can stop them from being bad. Admittedly, for me , I'm lucky as lately it is bright light/sun sensitivity that causes it and I seem to be able to manage it. Red wine, caffeine also triggers migranes for me, but I've avoided them for years.

I'm so hoping that your Dr comes up with something that helps you and you feel good about. Migraines are not fun.

Lastly, I'll share I'm amazed how much you get done. Thanks for sharing your tip about writing down your daily goals. I'll give it a try.