Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

So much to get done!  Where did this week go?  I had back to school night on Wednesday and common planning the same day.  My day started at 7:30am and ended at 9pm.  What a long day which made the week extremely long!  I had a great turn out from parents and was able to get a lot of information out to them, which means I should get fewer questions throughout the year.

This weekend I have lots of quilting plans.  I haven't sewn anything all week.  So sad.

I've got four quilts to make
--my sister in law's quilt from her mom's clothes
--the quilt for my friend's grand kids.  My friend drown last year
--Blood donor t shirt quilt
--quilt for a friend at work whose sister is in the hospital with cancer

I also want to get at least 5 quilts quilted to keep me on track for the end of the year goal of 100 quilts by Dec 31.

Three days off, maybe I can get one thing done from my to-do list :)

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Quiltingranny said...

You are such an amazing inspiration. Thank you so much for all you and your group are doing!