Friday, February 17, 2012

stressed lets you know you are alive

My little guy woke up this morning with a really bad stomach ache.  I'm hoping and praying it isn't the really bad stomach flu that is going around here.  Kids are out sick for a few days and it is really wiping them out.  He is doing a bit better as I type this, about 4 hours after he first started complaining, so maybe it was just some gas or constipation.  I'm betting he is glad his mother blogs about everything :)

So, this is the 3rd day I've missed work this week.  I'm hoping my students appreciate me when they finally see me again after the week we have off next week.  The California government can't get its act together and is cutting the budget anywhere it can.  It can't afford to pay teachers, so they cut 3 days out of the school year.  We have a week off, unpaid and out district decided to add them to the President's holiday week.  I will take it after the week of stress upon stress I've had this week. 

Whoever said having kids was a good idea?  My oldest is trying to get into grad school and this is the time of year they are sending out acceptance letters.  Every day a different school is accepting students.  Every day she doesn't get accepted is another day of stress.  She has only been rejected from one school so far and is on the waitlist for another, but the not knowing is hard on her and on us.

Daughter #2 finds out today if she made it into Girls' State.  Not knowing is hard.  Having an older sister who was so good at everything makes it so hard because everyone compares you to her (I know, I had the perfect older sister too) and when you don't get the award, don't make the grade, don't play tennis as well, etc) you feel like you let everyone down.  For me, I just stopped trying and found something else I could do that my sister never tried.  For my daughter, she tries even harder, putting more pressure on herself and stressing herself out even more.  She's harder on herself than anyone ever could be.

Time will tell and heal many hurts.

But for today, I have some time at home with my little guy.  Time we don't often get alone together.  Maybe we will sit together and just cuddle.  Or more likely, he will enjoy a day of stress free playing and I will take a clue from him and enjoy a day stress free playing myself!  I haven't had a day like that in a very long time.  I hope to post somethings later today to show the fun I had.  I know that the students will be fine without me.  If not, they will appreciate me even more when I do get back.

And I will feel alive again.

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