Wednesday, February 22, 2012

do you love Dr. Seuss?

My friend had her 2nd baby in December.  I promised her a quilt.  I do believe it is the end of February and I finally started her quilt today.  We were supposed to be going to UC Berkeley today to visit the college and take a tour so daughter #2 could start looking at colleges.  She was just born yesterday and already she is looking at going off to college.  She is ahead of her time like that.  Or, time has just gone that fast!  But, this morning I woke up with the most terrible migraine ever.  Lots of medicine and still not feeling better, but I am not going to waste a day.  And this pattern is so easy to cut and sew.  Especially with the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter.  In fact, I cut out about 27 zillion half square triangles for another quilt and 97 gazillion tumbler blocks to go with the 845 mazillion tumbler blocks I already have.  I found out that when you have scrappy blocks, they look much better when you pair them with solid blocks.  So, I started digging into my solid fabrics and cutting those up.  No sense saving for a rainy day.  We haven't had rain in so long.  Today is supposed to be 79 degrees.  I think we are going to break a record here.  Someone forgot to tell the sun it is still winter.  'Global warming' and all. 

So, back to cutting or quilting or resting my weary head.  I may just get this quilt finished before the baby is a teenager.

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thegoose said...

Global warming?! Only radical environmentalists believe in global warming! ;)

I'm with you on the Studio - makes life much easier!