Saturday, February 18, 2012

Congratulations to the Winner

My son picked #32, and that belongs to Jen.  Congratulations Jen, as soon as I hear back from you, the 3 1/2 inch drunkard's path die will be on the way to you, mailed from a 3rd party (most likely Amazon, or wherever I find it the cheapest)  Hope you enjoy making lots of quilts with us and share with us on your new blog.  Everyone pop over and visit Jen's new blog.  She just started blogging this week!  Welcome to the wonderful world of blog-land Jen.

BloggerJen said...

What an amazing array of uses for such a great shape! Thanks so much for sharing all of your talents!

Here's Jen's blog


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Congratulations to Jen...I am going to have to buy that die

VickiT said...

Ooh lucky Jen. Congratulations!! Enjoy your new die.

Marilyn ~ You might check out the Quilting Warehouse for their price on that die too. My husband found that site and ordered my Accuquilt Go and an extra die from them as a surprise for me. They consistently have the cheapest prices of anywhere I've found yet when I search before buying any dies. The last time I had to buy from another because this place didn't stock the baby tumbler I needed but their prices are good. (I am not connected with their site at all just thought I'd help out.)

Thank you again for the chance to win. I guess that one stays on my wish list now. LOL

Linda said...

Oh darn, I'm going to have to buy that die now! Oh well, congrats to Jen. New blogger and a new die to go with the new blog! How exciting for her. I'm going to check on that site that VickiT just commented about too. I have learned so many good things from this blog hop, it was so much fun and I met such nice people!