Thursday, February 16, 2012


or lopsided, or tilted :)  Got back from the doctor today and after seeing the Breast Specialist (how do you get that job?) she said that the lump was bigger than the nurse practitioner said it was on Monday.  she wanted me to get an ultrasound of it.  She had me a bit worried and sent me right downstairs.  She said we would know more after the ultrasound and didn't really have anything to say to me other than she thought it was a cyst, but it could be cancer, but probably not.  Gee, thanks.  And you are the specialist?

So, I went down to the radiology technician and was told that I would hear the results sometime next week.  Wow, I sure did not feel better walking out of her office.  They got me right in because nobody else was waiting.  The technician was really nice and said he would know something right away and talk to his doctor and let me know right then if they had to do more test or if it was just a cyst.  He has been the only one so far that has actually seemed to understand that maybe I might be concerned this was cancer???  Wow.

So, the ultrasound looked just like this picture I got off the internet.  Fluid filled, about 3 1/2 cm long.  The ultrasound tech said that if the lump is moveable, it is most likely not cancer.  If the lump doesn't move with the breast tissue it is most likely cancer.  Wow, simple test and really put my mind at ease.  He said to always have them checked out, but makes it easier to wait for the testing.  Cancer likes something to grab onto and hang onto.  It doesn't like to move around.  He said they don't know why these cysts form and said I could have it drained again, but since this one filled up again so quickly and came back bigger, it would probably come back again.  He said I probably had more of them and that some people get them and some don't.  Gee, aren't I lucky :)  Now, if only I could get one on the other side to even me out a bit!


sue niven said...

Wishing you well, I know exactly how you are feeling. All the best.Sue.

Susan said...

What a relief to feel confident it's a cyst. Maybe it will disappear on it's on, the way ovarian ones come and go.

JustPam said...

I don't know if this would help you, but I was seeing a plastic surgeon and had surgery on my leg. I developed a cyst that he kept extracting and it kept coming back. One time he had an intern there doing a rotation and she told me to keep pressure on it, ie keep it wrapped, for a week or more. I forget exactly how long, but I kept it wrapped for a month. It never came back. With the plastic surgeon, he only had me keep it wrapped for under a week and as soon as I took the wrapping off it filled up again. I don't know how you would wrap your breast, maybe there is a compression garment of some sort. Just a thought for you.

quilt happy said...

glad everything looks good but u always worry

Bettie said...

It's good that the lumps won't be hard to remove from your breast. Good thing you had it checked out early by your doctor. I'm hoping for your speedy recovery!

Bettie Comerford