Sunday, February 26, 2012

scrap challenge

 so today I've decided to start tackling the buckets and bags of scraps I have piled in the sewing room.  I picked this bag of scraps that have been sitting since about November.  Just the first bag of scraps I tripped over when walking through the sewing room.
 I started by sorting the piles into like fabrics.  Flannels, Christmas, Patriotics, colors, precut squares, etc, then sorted the Christmas stuff into pieces that were worth saving and tiny scraps that will go into the next dog pillow.  The stuff in the pink bag is all tiny scraps not worth saving.
I'm going to start with the Christmas stuff first and using my Go! cutter and Studio cutter work through and cut up all of this fabric into useable pieces that can be made into quilts.  I wonder how many quilts I can get out of this one bag of scraps.  Anyone want to make a guess?  I also wonder how long it will take me to work through this one bag of scraps.  My friend Carla has a good idea.  When we have our Binky work days, she pulls out her scrap boxes and puts the kids to work on them.  We can usually work through 4 or 5 boxes of scraps in a day.  The kids sort the scraps by size and then each kid takes a Studio die and loads as many size scraps onto the die as they can.  Each die will hold 8-10 layers of fabric. The kids roll fabric all day long and by the end of the day, they have worked through all of the scraps and we have boxes and boxes of useable cut pieces of fabric that are ready to make into quilts.

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