Monday, February 13, 2012

lump update

back from the doctor. The nurse practictioner scheduled me with the breast specialist on Thursday for more follow up tests. That can never be good, then sent me to get a needle biopsy. That guy was really funny. He told me everything that could possibly go wrong, but said, "it never does!" He says he has been doing this for 20 years and never had a problem. He though it was a benign fibrous... tumor. Great. Then, stuck a really long needle in and sucked out 2ml of a brownish fluid. Oh, maybe it is a cyst. 20 years? Oops. He says they never run tests on the fluid, but to keep my Thursday apointment with the breast specialist anyways. The lump is mostly gone now, so looks like it was mostly fluid filled whatever it is/was. They may do a mamogram, ultrasound or another needle biopsy if it fills up again. I can't wait for another one of those! Thanks for the prayers!


Jen said...

Sounds like a harmless cyst - but.... have you had a baseline mamogram yet? if not, now would be a great time.... I had a wierd "here today gone tomorrow" lump last year that I still can't explain! Hope you continue to hear "it's nothing"!!!!!

Mimi said...

You are a brave soul!! I don't think that I would have fainted seeing a huge needle but I do know that I would probably scared out of my wits and crying afterwards. I admire your bravery and strength!!

quilt happy said...

praying every think is fine . my daughter has a bio of tumors in her womb tomorrow pray that the results are good