Saturday, February 27, 2010

Band Review

Today my older son had a band review. It is where kids play in front of a judge who gives them feedback to make their playing better. The boys were nervous and got a little ahead of themselves in the music, but I thought they did really good. The judge was really nice and told them they needed to practice breathing :) I thought that was pretty funny. My son already picked out his music for next year's band review and started practicing after we got home. You can never start too early.

They got a Good for their score. There are four scores, Superior, Excellent, Good and Fair. I thought they did Great! Especially being so nervous.

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday :)

Thank God I made it through the week. And Thank God I got an appointment to see the gastroenterologist (no wonder they shorten it to GI) doctor on Monday. Yipee! I'm so excited that maybe someone will be able to look at me and see what is wrong with me. Maybe that isn't a good thing. What if she finds out what is really wrong with me? I might just be in real trouble now :)

Ah, weekend. So many possibilities. So little actual work will get done. But, for me it just became a three day weekend, which makes it oh, so nice!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CT scan

Wow, that was an interesting experience. First, the meds you have to take. It is an iodine dye and it didn't taste too bad. I thought it was supposed to be super gross, but it actually tasted like orange Gatorade to me. I don't like Gatorade, so it wasn't a pleasurable drink, but was tolerable. The problem came after you drank it. It made me feel sick to my stomach. More sick than before. And then knowing that I would have to do it 3 more times made it worse.

Getting up at 4 and drinking the icky stuff wasn't as bad as the 6am and 7am times because each time I had to tell myself that yes, I would want to throw up, but that this was necessary for the doctors to find out what is wrong with me. Mind over matter.

They load you on a table, minus clothes, plus the lovely blue gown with the three arm holes that is supposed to keep you covered and then explain they are going to put another dye into your veins. This one has some even more interesting side effects. It could make you warm from head to toe--I like being warm. It could make you nautious. I already am, so no big deal. But the kicker was it might just make you feel like you peed your pants. I told the guy that surely in this day of technology they could come up with something better that didn't have that side effect.

They turned the machine on--reminded me of a big donut--I hadn't eaten since last night, and ran a couple of runs without the die. You have to hold your breath for a few seconds as they take pictures. Then, they came back in and put the die in. I didn't feel warm or nautious, but boy did I think I peed all over the table! That was the weirdest feeling ever. They ran the machine a few more times and I was done. The whole procedure took maybe 15 minutes, but I will not soon forget it.

The technician said maybe 3 days before the doctor gets back to me and I couldn't see any of the images myself. I was hoping to have a video or still shots to show my students tomorrow of all of my guts. I emailed my doctor and asked for something to show my students. We will see if he gives me anything. I didn't get to see my ultrasound pictures either. Maybe he will give me some of those too??

While waiting to go in the room, there was an older couple waiting for the lady to get some pictures done too. They were joking and we had a good laugh while waiting. They had been married 46 years and she said they met when she was 12 and were dating for 5 years before they got married. It was nice to have met them and I wish them well. She was afraid to go in the CT scanner alone and said she knew if there was an earthquake the technicians would just leave her there to die. I thought that was so funny.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CT scan

Tomorrow I go in for a CT scan of my belly. I hope they find out what is causing all of the stomach issues. And I hope they give me a video of the whole thing. I think it is really cool that they can see inside you and see what is going on inside without having to cut you open. Tonight I have to start drinking a dye and take it 12 hours, 4 hours, 2 hours and 1 hour before the procedure. I hear it tastes nasty. Oh, joy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Disney and Binky Patrol

Today was drop off day for the Disney Give a Day and Binky Patrol. We think we collected about 250 blankets and quilts. We should have counted and I know that will be a job for my kids, but we just couldn't keep up with them as it was a steady stream of people dropping of blankets from 1-4pm today at the quilt shop. The pile just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I knew it was going to be a problem getting all of the blankets home. Good thing I got that big minivan!

And even better that my oldest moved out. I use her room all the time for storing things. These blankets won't be around for long though. They will find their way into the hands of children starting this week.

Friday, February 19, 2010

what is wrong with me?

Ok, if you are family or friend...don't answer that because I'm sure you could share many things that are wrong with me. But, physically speaking...They can't figure out what is wrong. Ulcer? Maybe. Gallstones, definately, but that's not what is causing the pain. So, I'm back to square zero, with trying out Pepto Bismo for the stomach problems and Prilosec, but not at the same time and I have Vicodin for pain, but can't function on that stuff, so only for night time, and I'm asleep, so who feels pain when you are asleep?

I felt a little special today when I saw the surgeon because he called in a vascular surgeon and she felt around my guts for my aortic artery. She said my problem was I am too skinny! Thanks, can you tell my 5 year old I'm too young too? (story to follow) She said they are so used to feeling the bellies of overweight and obsese patients that when they get someone who is so skinny they can really feel the aortic artery pulse.

So, at least it isn't an aortic anurism.

And now for the old lady story. My 5 year old says to me the other day at dinner when I forgot to put corn on his plate, "mom, did you forget to give me corn? I wanted corn."

I said, that's what happens when you get old. You forget things.

He says, "You aren't old, you just look that way.

Gee, thanks son, you really made my day.

So, now, I am taking 96 different medicines 43 times a day and probably should get a pill keeper to help me keep them all straight. Old people do that you know. The doctor said give it two weeks and then let him know if I still feel terrible. Two weeks is a long time to feel terrible, unless it is your last two weeks. Then, it is a short time. All relative I guess. If this new medicine combo doesn't work, they will send me to a gastro-enterologist and they will send a camera down my throat. I think I could do that myself.

You see, if you don't know me and you don't know my family, my dad likes to self diagnose and then try to fix his problems himself. I am cut from the same cloth. Of course, we never really can fix too much of anything, unless it involves eating ice, or sleeping with your feet elevated. Both good things, but not sure either would help in my situation. Maybe a nice vacation would do, oh, wait, I just had that. Bummer. Maybe I should take another week off of school, this time without the kids and hubby around, so I can really rest, and hire a maid and cook and gardener. But, then who would pay for everything? Oh, well, one can dream right...time for my medication.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

not an ulcer...

Subject: RE: ultrasound results

Gallbladder does appear to show some tiny stones. I will send referral to surgery for consultation.

Timothy Stanley Plimpton, M.D.

Got this email from my doctor last night. Oh, joy. Now, waiting by the phone for the call from surgery to schedule a consultation. I think I could just do the operation myself. I have sharp scissors, needle and thread and know where the gallbladder is. I mean, really? How hard could it be?

But, I've waited a month, I guess I can wait a little longer to have it done right. Have you seen the fence I tried to build in the backyard? Yeah, well, it won't hold anything in or out so maybe I should leave this to a professional. Just because you have the right tools, doesn't mean you have the know-how to do the job correctly. Life lesson #43.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To everything there is a season

I know these aren't the best pictures,

but I took them with my camera phone today in my backyard. Flowers in February. In my backyard. Nobody told these flowers it is the middle of winter. Nobody told the weather it is supposed to be cold. I think it was about 80 degrees today.

In life there are many seasons and I seem to be in the middle of winter, with a stomach ache that won't quit. I went to the doctor again today and they are running more tests to check for liver and pancreas troubles and tomorrow they will be doing an ultrasound on the liver, pancreas, aortic artery and gall bladder. The doctor switched my meds again to Prilosec in case it is an ulcer and even suggested perhaps I talk to a shrink about the stress in my life.

But, in the middle of my winter, I can see the flowers God has placed in my path. This week, we have been off week due to budget cuts. Yes, it is stressful, but it is a blessing getting this time to deal with medical issues and to rest and watch as much of the Olympics as my family can stand! They do not share my passion with the Olympics and will leave me to watch in peace. I sit and crochet and fall asleep sometimes and get some much needed rest.

Yesterday, my #2 daughter broke a tooth while chewing gum. It was a tooth that had a big cavity in it long ago and finally gave way. It had a filling, but was weak. I was able to take the time to get her right in to the dentist because I have the whole week off.

I'm also starting to exercise because my older son has homework for school where he has to do cardio every day over the vacation and needs a workout buddy. I know I need the endorphins as stress relief and he needs the company. We make a good team.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's just a head cold

But a bummer way of starting off my week off. This week we have two days off for President's days and three days off for furlough days due to the bad economy in California. I'm feeling pretty miserable and just sat on the couch yesterday. I guess this is the best time to have a bad cold and to feel miserable so I can just sit around and take a 3 hour nap and watch the Olympics as long as I want. I really didn't have any plans other than clean the house (yuck) and grade papers (double yuck) and work on quilting (yay) so whatever gets done is fine and whatever doesn't get done is ok too.

Happy Valentine's day to everyone. Hubby and I have never done anything special on this day. Just another day for us so we won't be missing anything by me feeling like I got run over by a steam roller. I'll get a little more cleaning done and a lot more Olympics watching done and probably another nap in today.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A little sunshine

I heard the weather is terrible in Ohio and decided to send my daughter some flowers to brighten her day. She said it really did the trick.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disney Day success

What a fun day Sunday was. There were about 25 people at my friend's house, most who had never sewn before. What a challenge to teach them to sew and keep the sewing machines going all day long. We worked from 10am to 5pm and took little snack breaks inbetween.

We got 30 quilt tops finished and 14 quilts bound. I have no idea how much fabric was cut into strips, but there were boxes of scraps at the beginning of the day that were gone by 5pm.

I think for me the funniest part were the two men who showed up. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they signed up for a Binky making day, but they had willing hands and cut fabric all day long. They definately had a different way of using the rotary cutters, but they got the job done. One of the guys even sewed a quilt top together, but would not let his girlfriend take his picture while sewing. They were a cute couple!

There was a girl who was about 12 who sat next to an older lady who worked all day long. The older lady had troubles with her machine from the start, but would not give up. The girl kept encouraging the lady to take a break and give her machine a rest. They were an interesting pair. I thought it was funny how people matched up next to each other at the tables and became friends throughout the day.

Although I wouldn't want to do this again tomorrow, I would want to have another day like this again in the future. I hope that most of the people who showed up will take what they learned and keep sewing and making quilts for kids. I know that a couple of the ladies will be back.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, it looks like my stomach problems are an ulcer. Ugh. Too much stress and too much ibuprofen. Not sure what is next, I just got the blood tests back and am waiting for the doctor to call and tell me wha tto do next. She put me on Zantac 300mg twice a day and so far it isn't helping. It's only been 24 hours.

I need to catch up on some pictures of the quilts I've been working on. Over the last month, I haven't been very busy, but I have been doing a little bit of quilting. These quilts will get bound tomorrow at the Disney Give a Day Binky Patrol event my friend is hosting at her house. I am going to be there all day to help and guide and collect all of the blankets at the end of the day. I'm excited to see how many we get finished at the end of the day.

Wow, I didn't realize I had so many quilts that needed to be posted on the blog. I really haven't been feeling well for the last 3 weeks and really haven't been doing much of anything. I have been working on trying to clean up around the house, although you probably wouldn't notice if you came over to visit. Little bits here and there will add up over time I'm sure.
Well, off the computer and hopefully try to get one more quilt quilted before going to bed. There are going to be a lot of people at the quilt day tomorrow so I want to have as many quilts as possible for people to put binding on. I hope we get some new permanent volunteers out of this great opportunity to earn a free ticket to Disneyland. And I hope my tummy feels better. It hurts when I eat and it hurts when it gets empty, so maybe if I just nibble on food all day long, I will be ok.