Friday, February 19, 2010

what is wrong with me?

Ok, if you are family or friend...don't answer that because I'm sure you could share many things that are wrong with me. But, physically speaking...They can't figure out what is wrong. Ulcer? Maybe. Gallstones, definately, but that's not what is causing the pain. So, I'm back to square zero, with trying out Pepto Bismo for the stomach problems and Prilosec, but not at the same time and I have Vicodin for pain, but can't function on that stuff, so only for night time, and I'm asleep, so who feels pain when you are asleep?

I felt a little special today when I saw the surgeon because he called in a vascular surgeon and she felt around my guts for my aortic artery. She said my problem was I am too skinny! Thanks, can you tell my 5 year old I'm too young too? (story to follow) She said they are so used to feeling the bellies of overweight and obsese patients that when they get someone who is so skinny they can really feel the aortic artery pulse.

So, at least it isn't an aortic anurism.

And now for the old lady story. My 5 year old says to me the other day at dinner when I forgot to put corn on his plate, "mom, did you forget to give me corn? I wanted corn."

I said, that's what happens when you get old. You forget things.

He says, "You aren't old, you just look that way.

Gee, thanks son, you really made my day.

So, now, I am taking 96 different medicines 43 times a day and probably should get a pill keeper to help me keep them all straight. Old people do that you know. The doctor said give it two weeks and then let him know if I still feel terrible. Two weeks is a long time to feel terrible, unless it is your last two weeks. Then, it is a short time. All relative I guess. If this new medicine combo doesn't work, they will send me to a gastro-enterologist and they will send a camera down my throat. I think I could do that myself.

You see, if you don't know me and you don't know my family, my dad likes to self diagnose and then try to fix his problems himself. I am cut from the same cloth. Of course, we never really can fix too much of anything, unless it involves eating ice, or sleeping with your feet elevated. Both good things, but not sure either would help in my situation. Maybe a nice vacation would do, oh, wait, I just had that. Bummer. Maybe I should take another week off of school, this time without the kids and hubby around, so I can really rest, and hire a maid and cook and gardener. But, then who would pay for everything? Oh, well, one can dream right...time for my medication.


For His Glory said...

Man, Marylin that is awful you are feeling this way...God knows your body inside and out and knows exactly what you need...It's just sometimes His timing isn't ours...You sent me busting up laughing with the story about your 5 year old :)

Anonymous said...

Marilyn, your pain isn't on the right side just under your ribs, by any chance?