Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disney Day success

What a fun day Sunday was. There were about 25 people at my friend's house, most who had never sewn before. What a challenge to teach them to sew and keep the sewing machines going all day long. We worked from 10am to 5pm and took little snack breaks inbetween.

We got 30 quilt tops finished and 14 quilts bound. I have no idea how much fabric was cut into strips, but there were boxes of scraps at the beginning of the day that were gone by 5pm.

I think for me the funniest part were the two men who showed up. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they signed up for a Binky making day, but they had willing hands and cut fabric all day long. They definately had a different way of using the rotary cutters, but they got the job done. One of the guys even sewed a quilt top together, but would not let his girlfriend take his picture while sewing. They were a cute couple!

There was a girl who was about 12 who sat next to an older lady who worked all day long. The older lady had troubles with her machine from the start, but would not give up. The girl kept encouraging the lady to take a break and give her machine a rest. They were an interesting pair. I thought it was funny how people matched up next to each other at the tables and became friends throughout the day.

Although I wouldn't want to do this again tomorrow, I would want to have another day like this again in the future. I hope that most of the people who showed up will take what they learned and keep sewing and making quilts for kids. I know that a couple of the ladies will be back.

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