Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CT scan

Wow, that was an interesting experience. First, the meds you have to take. It is an iodine dye and it didn't taste too bad. I thought it was supposed to be super gross, but it actually tasted like orange Gatorade to me. I don't like Gatorade, so it wasn't a pleasurable drink, but was tolerable. The problem came after you drank it. It made me feel sick to my stomach. More sick than before. And then knowing that I would have to do it 3 more times made it worse.

Getting up at 4 and drinking the icky stuff wasn't as bad as the 6am and 7am times because each time I had to tell myself that yes, I would want to throw up, but that this was necessary for the doctors to find out what is wrong with me. Mind over matter.

They load you on a table, minus clothes, plus the lovely blue gown with the three arm holes that is supposed to keep you covered and then explain they are going to put another dye into your veins. This one has some even more interesting side effects. It could make you warm from head to toe--I like being warm. It could make you nautious. I already am, so no big deal. But the kicker was it might just make you feel like you peed your pants. I told the guy that surely in this day of technology they could come up with something better that didn't have that side effect.

They turned the machine on--reminded me of a big donut--I hadn't eaten since last night, and ran a couple of runs without the die. You have to hold your breath for a few seconds as they take pictures. Then, they came back in and put the die in. I didn't feel warm or nautious, but boy did I think I peed all over the table! That was the weirdest feeling ever. They ran the machine a few more times and I was done. The whole procedure took maybe 15 minutes, but I will not soon forget it.

The technician said maybe 3 days before the doctor gets back to me and I couldn't see any of the images myself. I was hoping to have a video or still shots to show my students tomorrow of all of my guts. I emailed my doctor and asked for something to show my students. We will see if he gives me anything. I didn't get to see my ultrasound pictures either. Maybe he will give me some of those too??

While waiting to go in the room, there was an older couple waiting for the lady to get some pictures done too. They were joking and we had a good laugh while waiting. They had been married 46 years and she said they met when she was 12 and were dating for 5 years before they got married. It was nice to have met them and I wish them well. She was afraid to go in the CT scanner alone and said she knew if there was an earthquake the technicians would just leave her there to die. I thought that was so funny.

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