Saturday, July 31, 2010

more vacation photos

This is the whole gang, minus my sister and my husband. The guy on the far right, hiding behind my daughter is my mom's cousin from Germany. His English was better than our German, but we tried our best to communicate. The funniest part of the trip was when my mom gave him a root beer instead of a real bear. He opened it, took a drink and said, 'what is this root beer?' My daughter tried to explain what root beer was. He didn't like it one bit! We all had a good laugh at my mom :)

We had a great time in Colorado. Here are some pictures from our hike around Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

We drove a couple hours to get there, hiked the .6 mile trip around the lake and headed out to another spot for a picnic.

The kids wanted to climb every rock and jump over every stick. I got a little nervous when the rocks were in the middle of the lake. Nobody fell in, despite their best efforts!
Here, little guy holds up a big rock so his brother can take a look underneath for something interesting. Good thing he had a good breakfast!

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