Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wanting to buy

I'm looking to buy a frame like this. Do you know anyone selling one? I don't want to have to pay full price. :) I've been searching ebay and craigslist and haven't found one yet.

They are $399 online at places like so I'm hoping to find a used one.

I got my machine back from the shop again today and played with it. The guy at the shop said he used a whole bobbin and couldn't get the thread to break once. I had it on the frame and got through 3/4 of the quilt and then adjusted the frame to move it up and the thread broke every 10 inches. Sooooo frustrating.

Of course, what I really want is a real longarm, but unless someone wants to give me one :) there isn't a chance of affording one with three more kids to put through college. The great scholarship my oldest got has run out and they are not offering it anymore. She is covered, but the other three are on their own. Oh, well. We will make due with what has been provided and push on.

But, if you hear about anyone who wants to sell a quilting frame for a good price, please let me know!


magic said...

I know it costs more but it is made of aluminum. The Grace Mini-Pinni frame.

Grace sturdy-lite frame
the $399 includes quiltcad

magic said...

FYI in case you haven't heard of this yahoo group,it's strictly or buying and selling sewing/quilting goods. You may get lucky and find a good frame cheap.


For His Glory said...

WOW that is an item I've never seen before but I will keep a lookout for you girl!