Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've been busy around here the last few days sorting, cleaning and trying to organize. Not too effective, but I have been getting rid of junk. That is a good feeling.
Can you tell my group of ladies really loves the quick stripie quilts from

This one was just a bunch of 3 inch strips I had sewn together. Mindless using of the scraps and a great place to practice free motion quilting in a small space.


and more...

and more stripie quilts. I love quilting these because my machine can only do about 6 inches at a time and these have the perfect space for quilting. Takes about 15 minutes to quilt one of these guys after pinning. On and off the machine in under 25 minutes. Not bad. SO, why do I have so many quilt tops waiting their turn?

Here are 150 crochet squares I sent out to a lady in Ohio. She started a Binky Patrol group and was having a hard time getting volunteers. I remember those days. I had all of these squares sitting around and I don't really like sewing them together so she said she would take them and make them into blankets. She can probably get 3 blankets out of this bunch. I have so much yarn in the garage, I could probably make 1500 squares and still have yarn left.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for entering the giveaway - I appreciate you sharing your perspective on why you quilt.

What lovely quilts you have shown in this post - I enjoyed the pictures.

Happy Quilting!

Quiltingly yours,