Monday, July 12, 2010

Going to Town!

Boy, I wish I had the quilting machine fixed when summer started. I only have 4 weeks of vacation left, have a visitor coming this week and am going on vacation next week. Time is going too quickly!

But, while the machine is working, I'm going to town! I'm having so much fun and getting a lot done. More quick stripie quilts from if you need a quick gift, or love charity quilting.

Tomorrow I'm going to drop off quilts that will go over to Rwanda with a friend and pick up more finished quilts and drop off binding for these and other quilts. I love having helpers so I can get so much done. Now if only a cleaning fairy could come and pick up after me. You should see the mess in the sewing room. That has to be picked up before company comes over :)

These last two quilts were made by Rebecca in Alaska. She sent me 6 quilts way long ago and now that my machine is working, I'm going to get these all done and shipped out by Wednesday before my visitor comes. Her blog is listed on my sidebar as Rebecca's Quilts and Things, eventhough she changed her blog name, for some reason the blog tracker thingy didn't pick up the name change. I hope she likes them. She did a great job on the sewing. LOTS of half square triangles. Wow, I'm impressed.

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Rebecca said...

My quilts look beautiful!!!!!