Friday, July 9, 2010

A long wait

After 3 years, I was finally able to help my friend by working together with my other friend and get the quilting machine fixed. Every summer for the past two years, I have called my friend Jenny to see if her quilting machine was working. Every summer I have gone over and messed with the machine and every summer I have gone home frustrated.

Today, Carla and I went over, ready to tackle the machine. I took every kind of thread I had

and started with King Tut. That is the best I own and I figured why not start with the best and strongest.

We started sewing on the practice fabric she still had on there from 3 years ago and wouldn't you know? The thing worked perfectly! We adjusted the tension just a little and the new combination of the bobbin in correctly and the new thread and we had a working quilting machine. Jenny was so happy.

She has been frustrated for 3 years. Made me not so frustrated with my own least until I got home and started playing with my machine again.

I switched to the Aurafil thread that was recommended to me and that worked well too. I did something wrong and didn't thread the machine correctly, so there were loops at first, but once we figured that out, there weren't any other problems. If you go to fast, or try to move the machine with the needle down, the thread will break, but at least that make sense.

It felt good to help out a friend and gave me some hope for getting my machine working again.

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