Monday, September 7, 2009

my arms are so tired

I pulled all of the quilts out of bags and had my son take pictures. I trimmed all of the loose threads and have them stacked and ready for church next week. Now, just to post them all on here and I will be caught up. There are about 30 more that need posting so watch for them over the next week to show up, a few a day until they are all done.

I guess I should start going to the gym and working out because I can barely lift my arms to type now from holding up so many quilts for pictures! OUCH>

I hope you enjoy seeing all of the hard work from this summer. I can't believe we got so much work done and I can't believe how little I have gotten done since going back to work. It seems like I had more time last school year to do things for me and I have no idea where the time is going this year.

I had plans to do something fun today with the kids, but they want to stay home and play video games and I don't really feel like going anywhere either. Daughter #2 is the only one who has energy to do anything so I'm not sure if we will actually go out and do anything or not.

I have a couple of packages to drop in the mail, but even those don't have to go out today. Maybe just a relaxing day around the house is what I really need to recharge for a long stretch of work.

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For His Glory said...

Wow! Marilyn I am just in awe at these quilts, it seems you knock em out in no time!!! I might just be talking quilts with you at church next time I see you, my girl's room (and most of my house) is in "primitive" style...I bought some REALLY old quilts online that are shredding and whatnot and they are so pretty I don't know what to do :(